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Wine Barrel Creations

Wine-Infused Barbeque / Smoker Chips

Wine-Infused Barbeque / Smoker Chips

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It's not just your normal oak smoker chips you get at the store. Our chips are cut from the finest French Oak. These oak slats have hung inside the wine barrel for more than four years! This adds more oak flavor to the wine - and during this process, the slats have soaked in a batch of Napa Valley finest red wine -  and is not giving it back!

Our chips are 100% oak and wine-infused - with no oak left untouched! This gives our chips a full balance of "oaky" - wine aroma and flavor.

Preparing for Barbeque or Charcoal Grills: Soak chips in water for approximately one-half hour before using. Drain and wrap in tin foil - set on the grill - wait for steam - then place food on the grill. Add water for extended grilling time. (When preparing for Smokers, please follow manufacturer's instructions).

Size: 2"wide x 2"deep x 1/2"tall - 4-lb. bags  

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