About Us


Our Family

Go Wine Barrels is a family-owned business, founded in the small town of Chico, California - just east of the Napa Valley. After building many relationships with reputable wineries and wine makers - Go Wine Barrels found itself with the unique ability to provide wineries, breweries and distilleries top-quality used wine barrels. ​Go Wine Barrels mission is to provide the best option for our clients to purchase quality; clean barrels. Licensed with the California Department of Pesticide Regulations - we have on-site a high-pressure sanitation system, steam and So2. With tens of thousands of barrels sold yearly, Go Wine Barrels takes great pride in providing the best customer service to all of our domestic and international customers. 

We Ship World Wide

When purchasing Barrels, it's important to know you are partnering with a company that has been shipping Wine & Spirt-Ready Barrels since early 2013 to countries all around the world. Even though most of our business is handled in the United States, Mexico and Canada, we have years of experience shipping world-wide. 


With High-Pressure Sanitation on site, Go Wine Barrels prides itself in shipping fresh, clean barrels to 1000's of customers yearly. It made sense to us long ago, "WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY BARRELS WHEN THEY HAD NO IDEA IF THEY WERE CLEAN & READY FOR WINE". This is why Go Wine Barrels invested in a High-Pressure Sanitation Cleaning System, a Steam Machine and got California State certified to perform So2 treatment on all barrels sold as wine-worthy.

We Make Furniture Too

People have always asked, "what do you do with all the barrels you can't use for Wine and Spirt"? Well, with a background in wood-making, we make some of the coolest wine barrel furniture, décor & gift items on the market today. We love the ambience we can provide customers with the Wine Country we get to enjoy every day