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2018 French Oak Reds

2018 French Oak Reds

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2018 French Oak Reds

Red Wine

59 & 60 Gallon Barrels

Barrel Care

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your new "used barrel" purchase. Here are a few quick steps you can take to insure the best results for filling your used barrels

  1. Fill the barrel with 20 liters of filtered, chlorine-free hot water.
  2. With the barrel standing vertically on its head - wait 10-15 min.
  3. Now it's time to flip the barrel onto the opposite head and wait an additional 10-15 min.
  4. After steps 1,2,&3 are complete - put the barrel onto the rack - bung up. Remove the bung. If there are no leaks present and a vacuum when the bung is removed - the barrel should be liquid tight. Let the barrel swell for another 30 min.
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Wine Ready

Go Wine Barrels provides the Freshest, Cleanest Barrels in the Used Barrel Market. All our barrels are sourced from some of the highest quality wineries in the Napa Valley. Before Shipment we Wash, Steam, Rinse, So2 and plug every barrel. This insure's each barrel is ready for all your wine making needs

  • Shipping 2 Barrels

    Example of shipping 2 Barrels wrapped on a pallet.

  • Shipping 3 Barrels

    Example of shipping 3 Barrels wrapped on a pallet.

  • Shipping 4 Barrels

    Example of shipping 4 Barrels wrapped on a pallet.

  • Shipping 6 Barrels

    Example of shipping 6 Barrels wrapped on 2 pallets.

  • Shipping 8 Barrels

    Example of shipping 8 Barrels wrapped on 2 pallets.

  • Shipping Floor Loaded

    Example of shipping up to 240 Barrels Floor Loaded

  • Shipping

    Barrels are wrapped in plastic, So2'd, and plugged on pallets. Large orders of 100 barrels or more are normally floor loaded. Shipment times vary depending on shipment lanes, weather, and carrier capacity. If barrels are not delivered to a commercial address or if you do not have a forklift a lift gate will be required for delivery.

  • Returns

    Go Wine Barrels stands behind our product. If your barrel does not perform in the manner you expected in 3 days after delivery please contact us and we will make it right.